i reached post limit on my other blog again……. *tears*
debating if i should delete this blog…….

Sorry I haven’t really been posting lately…. I do most of my posting on my other blog. no-0ne-seems-to-care.tumblr.com

I can say you don’t ever make me cry, hurt, ache, long for you, but I would be lying…
what a fucking shitty ass birthday……… gonna probably cry all night from this point on….
You haven’t made me cry in about a week……and you make me cry ON MY BIRTHDAY….. fuck this shit right now……



Request- Him and JLaw have pee discussions.


im scared

when Josh falls in love with me and we get married, everyone on tumblr is going to want to kill me

35,313 plays

Josh Hutcherson’s “May the odds be ever in your favor”.

#192 It took a while for Effie to decide, at the start of the Rebellion, whether her loyalties lay with the Districts or the Capitol. It was only when she heard news of Cinna’s death, the brave and good hearted man whom she had respected more than he had ever known, that she finally decided to fight alongside District 13. Well, that and the fact that Haymitch was there.